Kin Design


Customer Experience Driven

Delivering Unique Retail Experiences

Given the unprecedented market situation that we exist in, retail stores must evolve and adapt to remain attractive and relevant to the needs of today’s consumers

Designing a retail experience that assists in the communication of a strong brand story that generates intrinsic purchase motivation and customer interest
Visualizing the revitalized retail design through an immersive augmented and virtual reality experience prior to installation to promote adoption

Using additional data points derived through invisible sensors to provide a more tailored experience for consumers today

Finding sustainability alternatives that allows retail to align better with overarching organization goals and appeal to modern consumers


Customer Store Experience

Combining Experiential Design, Visualization, Data Analysis and Sustainability Alternatives

Kin Design aims to deliver a refreshed experience for customers and brands grounded in 3 aspects

By conveying a stronger brand-centric narrative through experiential design, Kin Design hopes to help brands communicate their values and messages subtly and effectively

The combination of Visualization as well as Data Analysis serves to benefit both brands and customers by providing a holistic service targeted at providing a tailored service for both groups of people through an immersive experience, enabled by the modern technologies of today

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