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Lagging Indicator

Customer must make the first purchase before they can be profiled further for more accurate recommendations to be made

Experience-based Recommendations

Recommendations are made based on the sales associates’ understanding and relationship with customer, subjective to sales associate’s skills and hard to hand-over when sales associates resign

Under-Utilization of Data

The current data collected from customers’ purchase records is a treasure trove of knowledge that can be leveraged upon to improve and better tailor recommendations made to both first-time and loyal customers

the Systems

Like Man-less Convenience Stores, a wide array of hidden sensors would be deployed to help Sales Associate quickly profile the customer’s information such as age, preferences, as well as potentially what the customer is looking for based on the first item approached
Sales associates will receive these data-driven recommendations on their devices based on what the sensors have profiled. Subsequently, sales associates would be able to make an objective recommendation combining both their experience and the data derived
Building on current methodologies of collecting data, Sales associates continue to collect personal information as well as to seek permission for further data analysis and usage
The collected data is analysed through a variety of associative methods to increase the sense of individualized touch and customer-understanding when making tailored recommendations
To assist with the development of a long-term sales relationship with customers, our Automated AI could be used to reach out to clients and introduce items that align with their preferences. These would be subsequently followed up by sales associates to maintain the individualized touch


With Predictive Analysis


Relying on proven and established theories and methods, Market Basket Analysis would be one of the techniques used to derive associations between merchandizes to promote cross-selling opportunities that have a proven track record

A variety of techniques would be used to verify the recommendation which would then be delivered to the sales associate for them to make the final tailored recommendation to the customer

Tangible Benefit


Not only would tailored recommendations potentially increase overall sales through better recommendations with objective data analysis, the implementation of our integrated approach to design and experience will increase the sense of personal touch and customer loyalty, increasing the rate of return customers


By making the first-time customers and loyal customers feel valued and understood by sales associates, this would create a satisfying and enjoyable experience for customers


Understanding customers better to increase hit-rates for recommendations and explore cross-selling opportunities

Personal Touch

Understanding customer needs and meeting them beyond expectations

Customer Loyalty

Providing extra value-added services so that customers are willing to return for these unique and enjoyable experiences


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